Friday, November 07, 2008

Paper Arts

As I mentioned a few times before, a friend and I exchange paper art almost every week. We find that it keeps us challenged and we both have original art to display in our homes. We have been exchanging art and dolls for years and years.

This week the challenge was to make a small wall hanging use one color and the addition of black and/or white. That is mine above. It is basically paper I cut or tore and glued to chipboard with cheap Elmer's glue.

Last week we exchanged Thanksgiving paper dolls. I made a cloth doll a few weeks ago so I used a photo that doll for my paper doll. Have decided to make more of these for Thanksgiving cards. I like using the dolls I make in my art work.

Have created many other things this week but they didn't make it to the blog. We live in a small house that is one hundred years old and the lighting is not always the best for photos. We live in one of those old, old neighborhoods where you can practically shake hands through the windows with the neighbors. The houses on either side block the light. Right now I am working on items I will sell at a few small invitational boutique shows around here--and I also have insomnia!

It is very warm and rain here and feels like summer rather than November. No furnace on, which is super!

Enjoy your Friday and happy weekend!

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Eileen said...

Could you take pictures when you go to the boutique show?? That Thanksgiving card is one of the nicest things!