Friday, November 14, 2008

Nostalgic aprons

I am a confirmed apron wearer and have had literally dozens of aprons over my lifetime. I am a careful cook but a short one. No spatter escapes me!

Occasionally, I buy old aprons either to wear or cut up to use the fabric doll clothes. The aprons above don't make " the cut " literally or figuratively. I don't wear them and I won't cut them up.

The apron with the bib was in a box at a rummage sale marked "free." I think it is a home made apron judging by the workmanship and stitching. I tried to imagine someone making this apron with so much detail. A few weeks ago, there was a gorgeous print from this era in Eileen's blog. The graphic design of these prints is so charming.

The other apron is just a bold pattern with bold graphics. I like that curve above the waistband and its long ties.

There is a modern apron maker whose work I really love--Malphi. Her aprons are like works of art and so is her photography. She has raised the apron to higher standard while using some of the basic design concepts of aprons of yore. Some of her aprons are like wrap dresses and are truly exquisite.

Aprons seem to be making a comeback, at least on the Internet. I wonder if anyone wears them? I usually wear chef's aprons when I cook and have many sturdy aprons here.

On a final note, my late best friend, Ellen, and I made and sold aprons and tote bags from 1978-1982. We sold in shops and at shows under the name of "Aprons, Etc." We never made the same apron twice and sold hundreds over the years. I drafted the basic pattern and we used Waverly fabrics and outrageous trims on them.

We also made a line of cloth folding shopping bags and suitcases, since we were two dinosaurs who actually recycled, mulched & composted, recycled papers, and took our bags with us shopping right through the 90's when she died. I miss Ellen. She was a published poet, a quilter, a seamstress, a great mother and a woman ahead of her time. We met in college where we both returned to pursue different degrees than ones we had started out with earlier in life.

Have a great weekend. Above all, enjoy your day.


Eileen said...

I was in the Walmart sewing department the other day to pick up some more white thread, and I noticed at least 6 apron patterns on the rack with the generic patterns. I was amazed! I thought it was just an internet fad too.. but apparently not.
Love that first one you showed!

paris parfait said...

I never wear aprons anymore, but I love the look of them and the nostalgia about them. These are wonderful!