Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday again...

It's Monday again. Where did that weekend go?

On Saturday it was a tropical 70 degrees and stormy here. This week the high temperatures will be in the 40's with low temperatures in the 30's. Abrupt change!

Have a very busy day ahead, so will keep this post short. I did want to show how things I make look when they actually go on the road. My daughter is a jewlery designer and some of my things went to a show with her. Don't they look grand in this setting?

I am off and running. Enjoy the day!

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Paris Parfait said...

Tried to post a comment on the post above, but the "post comment" section is blank. I tried several times, to no avail. Your journal is lovely! And in France, we don't use clothes dryers, because (a) apartments are small and no room and (b) electricity is very very expensive. So for the last eight years, we've learned to do without. It does mean more ironing, unfortunately! :)