Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Projects galore...

Just a quick post here. I am up to my nose in projects here that need to be completed. I am still fooling around with cotton and glue attempting to make "spun cotton ornaments." After much research on the Internet, I discovered that there are many approaches to making them but I am not sure anybody really has figured out exactly how they are made. However, there are several good artists out there making them and if I were a rich girl, I would certainly collect them! I especially like this work and these wonderful examples.

My original intention was to make some of the little figures that I draw. Above is an attempt at one of my "be happy" bunnies. I need to put his aside and work on some other things. I have another bunny drying that looks more like an antique bunny. If bunny dries today, I may be able to embellish him.

Off to get an early start here. Thanks for dropping by...

and enjoy your day!

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Mrs. Staggs said...

I love spun cotton ornaments too, and I'm making a few bunnies right now, but they're a surprise, so I can't share them just yet. I buy the quilt batting that is all of one piece when I make mine. It tends to "melt" together pretty well. It sure does take patience though, and oh boy, can it ever be messy.

I like everything that you're making usual!