Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hodgepodge lodge.....

Above is stuff I made this week between doing a myriad of other things.

I am entranced with old fashioned ornaments, but don't really know how to make them. The rabbits are my attempts at trying to work with cotton and pipe cleaners. I have actually ordered one by a real folk artist to quell my desire and to use a variety of these for Easter. It won't be here for a week, so I started fooling around with trying my own. Have you ever been impatient and done that?

See the shopping bag? Evidence of how a cluttered mind put stuff together. That bag was sitting there for a week, I think. The cow is a just a wooden figure from a craft store. I just cannot get those belted Galloway cattle out of my head and needed to paint one for a companion.

The little circus book is made from paper bags and has lots of pockets with stuff inside it. My friend and I are trading paper bag books this week. I used smaller bags meant for party favors so the book is about 4 inches square. Eagle eyed readers might recognize the clown on the cover for Edith Flack Ackley's marionette book.

So that's it. Nearly the end of the week and a hodgepodge of stuff in my hodgepodge lodge!

Tomorrow we are starting the weekend early. I think we just might go to the location of the painting in the last post...or somewhere nearby it.

So, happy weekend early!


AngelMc said...

You have had a busy and productive week. Have a great weekend. Me & D will be home alone (I hope) and just chillin' (I hope)

natalie jo said...

I so enjoyed finding your photos on Flicker but your blog is even more fun! Your EFA dolls are amazing...I'm especially fond of the small 4" variety. I've had her books for several years now but no faith in my doll making abilities. I am, however, working on a Gail Wilson pattern taking it step by step and finding it great fun. I do believe an EFA will be next in line. I'll be back often for inspiration!
natalie jo

Ani said...

Oooh such eye candy! Brightened up my afternoon. Love the panda/oreo cookie cows, too cute. The pincushions are lovely, did you make the decorative pins from beads and large needles? Best, Ani

Mrs. Staggs said...

That looks like a really great book, and I like the idea of pockets in books, very much.

LOve that little bunny. He looks just like your drawings!