Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Arty thingz".....all with red!

In an earlier post I mentioned purchasing a painting. It's a rendition of Motif #1 by the artist Charles Stupele. He passed away a few years ago at age 96 and was painter in the Gloucester /Cape Ann area. I took the photo in the shop where we bought it. We are framing it with a newer smaller frame. Every time we look at it we will be whisked away to a summer day out on Bearskin Neck, Cape Ann, where we frequently visit.

A few weeks ago I made a Valentine wall hanging to swap with my paper artist friend. It was hard to get a good photo due to the fact it was so many shades of red and had metallic paper that bounced light. I photographed it for reference for future paper art.

I saved the best for last! See the photos with the white mouse in them? That is Blanche Souris, a mouse I needle felted recently. Blanche is no bigger than a real mouse. In her hand is a very TINY Valentine!. On the table is a wee envelope. Both were made by the talented Mrs. Staggs . Some of her readers traded Valentine's with her. What she made is just plain wonderful! Thank you, Lena!

I just noticed the painting of a girl in red behind the doll house. (The doll house is really a CD holder that I painted.) I have always enjoyed the many variations on the girl paintings and bought this artist's rendition at an auction a while ago. The original painter of these girls was Ammi Phillips who was from CT and painted them in the early 1800's.

Do you have any color themes going on in your life right now? I didn't realize there was so much red around here lately. I have mentioned this before that I don't live in a baby pink and blue world. Deep earth tones abound here.

Have a colorful day!

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Mrs. Staggs said...

A perfect valentine for a little mouse! LOL! I didn't realize exactly how tiny the valentine is, until seeing it in your photo.

I loved my valentine, Helen. Thanks for participating!