Monday, February 16, 2009

Click on us and see how cute we are!

Of cows and things....

Say hello to the cow that looks like an Oreo cookie. The first time we saw one lone cow at a distance in a lush green field, we immediately thought of a lumbering panda bear. This weekend, we saw them again in the snow.

We have found out that they are Belted Galloway cattle. Sometimes they are referred to as Dutch belted or "Belties." There are many web sites about these lovable looking creatures. Aside from their fabulous markings, they have somewhat longish coats and manage to look cuddly despite the fact that bulls can tip the scales at 1800-2000 pounds. They are frequently bought just to graze and add an ambiance to rural landscapes. Google them in images and you will see how delightful they are against the green of summer.

The weather was cooperative this past weekend and we popped into several New England states. Last week we saw a painting we admired and this week we went back and bought it. It had many attributes that called to us and we decided to make it our Valentine's gift to each other. Look for more about it here later this week.

It is always fun to see something you haven't seen before. Seeing these belties last summer was such a treat. Finding them in snow covered terrain with nothing but our memories was an adventure. They are on a farm in an obscure valley somewhere near Shelburne, MA.

Enjoy your day and I hope you will see something totally unexpected!


AngelMc said...

you know, david and i were riding around yesterday and noted some cows grazing in a pasture, and we commented how peaceful and pretty they looked. so we were both looking at cows this weekend.....only you had snow. (still jealous)

paris parfait said...

I love your description as "the cow that looks like an Oreo cookie!" So cute. Some of those cows are in rural France too.

FireLight said...

Hello! I just read your comment on Willow's Blog...about how people once dress up to go to a movie. No one cares anymore, and I think that is sad. Then I had a look here and find that you have an interest in dolls! And you make them as well? I adore your snowy scenes and your cows!

FireLight said...

That would be...."dressed up"...Oh how wish I could type....{chuckling at herself}