Friday, February 13, 2009

Have a loverly day!

Valentine's Day is almost here...I hope that yours will be a happy one.

I read somewhere that Americans are the only group of people who give Valentine cards and gifts to friends and family. In other cultures that celebrate the day it is purely a romantic holiday and one only sends cards to a romantic partner.

I am glad that we like to celebrate it in a broader sense. It is my favorite holiday! Sandwiched between the winter holidays and spring holidays, it provides a prefect excuse to buy flowers and/or eat chocolate. When my kids were young, I liked to bake heart shaped sugar cookies sprinkled with colored sugar. We cut out construction paper hearts and paper doilies creating homemade Valentines.

Romance is not required to enjoy the day although it is certainly nice if it exists. I like to think of Valentine's Day as unexpected flowers blooming in the snow.

I love all flowers and would be hard pressed to say which flowers I like best on this day. A bouquet of mixed carnations would be quite fragrant for the weekend. What's your favorite flower for Valentine's Day? I suspect that roses are the most popular flower most associated with the day.

Happy Valentine's day and enjoy your weekend!


AngelMc said...

I of course love roses....who doesn't? And I really love the old fashion kind. I also love tulips and carnations and glads and poppies and on and on........

Christine LeFever said...

We are a very commercial world in this country, and in spite of it, we still have a wonderful time, and maybe even more so.

Happy Valentine's Day to you dear Helen!



Ani said...

Oh yes! An excuse to eat chocolate?! Count me in please! I have a new chocolate that I'm fond of, BLISS, by Hersheys, yummy. Flowers, chocolate and love (add an espresso too) - no wonder it's a favorite holiday of many. Best,