Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So... where are the dollz?

Well, the art dolls are here

and here

and here.

Every so often I remember to write about dolls. I seem to write more about things...and places. But dolls do occupy a large space in my life, literally and figuratively.

The above dolls are art dolls I created in the past few years. Only the Frida dolls still live here. The other have moved on.

I seem to fluctuate between traditional and art dolls and have not really settled on a favorite form. One of the dolls was inspired by a painting that I did which is in the background behind the doll--whom I named Cloris. There is crocheted garden in front of Cloris. That is an on-going project that I am thinking of turning into a wall hanging soon.

Today I was thinking about what type of doll I want to make next. I looked at the above photos and lots of photos of traditional dolls like these I made over the years. Most of these dolls below still live here.

I have not reached a conclusion yet as to what style I like best and should pursue. In the meantime, I started another 4 inch Edith Flack Ackley pattern doll. Right now, I think small is best as I fight winter clutter! I feel spring cleaning is just around the corner.

What are you working on? I think some of you are painting and some are quilting. There are a few amazing photographers and writers that drop by here, too.

Whatever you create, enjoy the day! And, I would love to hear about your creative endeavors.


Eileen said...

I haven't made a doll in ages. I think a year. Right now I'm stuck on quilts.. but having SO much fun.. I think I'll keep going on it.

Your favorite doll is EFA.. there.. I solved your question for you. :-)

linensandlaurel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your dolls are wonderful. I'm wrapping bits and pieces of trims. One day, when all are up for sale, I will create again. Using the unsold up, one by one. Nancy

Anonymous said...

Oh they are all fabulous! Who could choose a favourite??!!

April said...

Seeing these dolls and everything you do makes me wish I could stop by your home and Ouuuhhhh and Aaahhhhhhh!It would be so much fun and so inspiring. Your variety of dolls is astounding...hard to believe they are all made by the same person.