Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I made....

while watching TV all day yesterday. I have a bit of a "too much TV hangover" today. I seldom watch TV any more but I did yesterday and enjoyed every minute. I am a huge fan of C-SPAN.

As I was enjoying the inauguration from the comfort and warmth of my work area, I finished these projects that I had started last week. My paper artist friend and I are exchanging heart books.

My pin cushions are an ongoing project. Let me remind you that the original designer i s HERE and there is an EXCELLENT tutorial here. I know many people are making and selling them these days but the original design is hers and therefore I like to give credit. Her tutorials are extremely good and quite generous.

This Valentine display with Mr. Rat. T. Rat (who was blogged here) is just for fun. I love those old fashioned flocked flowers and I have quite a few old ones I have gathered. I made the tiny Yorkie years ago to pose with my dolls. It does look a lot like my real life Yorkie who was the model, of course.

Today it is bitter cold again. The wind is sharp and biting. It is 16 F but feels like it is much colder due to the wind chill.

It is warm and cozy where I am. I hope it is where you are, too!

Enjoy the day!


malphi said...

My word you've been busy...what a productive day. There's nothing better than staying inside in the warm, watching TV and getting on with craft projects...good for you!! I love the pin cushions.
Susannah x

Eileen said...

oooo.. I LOVE the colors in your post today. makes me feel a lot warmer. Beautiful pincushions. You have a wonderful collection of them :-)