Monday, January 19, 2009

Now and then.....

Well, it is still snowing here. It's before dawn here and my husband is outside using the snow blower to clear our entire city block and several driveways. He has done this for more than a decade. I suspect that people think it is a free service provided by the town. Some people bake him pies and send down loaves of bread, though, when they realize it is their neighbor that is clearing their paths.

There are several elderly people who would not otherwise get out of their driveways for an entire winter. I often wonder why their own families don't see to it that they get the snow shoveled as there is a big fine here for sidewalks not shoveled.

When he gets finished, he has to commute to work. Sigh. I hate it when he is out in the cold like this for we are not-so-young. These ancient snow warriors do not listen.

As you can see, it has continued to snow...and snow...and snow. We finally have rid ourselves of sub-zero temperatures. I made this composite photo of the deck with a photo I took through the screen last summer. Every day a cardinal came and stayed on the deck for a few hours. Sometimes his mate showed up, too.

I am longing to see that cardinal with a GREEN background again! It has been such bad weather that the birds haven't even come to the feeder.

Not sure what today will bring...too early to tell. Are you snowed in, too? Or are you basking in the sun in some warm and exotic place?

Enjoy your day in whatever weather!


Eileen said...

I was hoping to see the same cardinal in the same place.
I wish we had a neighbor like that.. you have a keeper.

AngelMc said...

Your husband will have many extra stars in his crown in heaven for this. How long does it take him to get the whole block done? And how long is his commute to work? You know it's funny, you are wanting it to warm up and I'm already dreading the hot hot summer here. For some reason I hate grocery shopping in the summer, and I absolutely will not cook in the summer.....sandwiches and salads are the only things I will fix.

Joanne said...

I'm in snowy Connecticut. It seems like it's turning into a good old-fashioned winter of sorts, lots of cold and snow! Enjoyed browsing here, I have a curio cabinet filled with my small doll collection, and so enjoyed yours here!

paris parfait said...

Hope you're keeping warm indoors and watching the joyful inaugural festivities on the telly. Isn't this a marvelous day, full of hope and optimism??!!