Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some new (to me) cloth dolls....

Greetings from the frozen tundra of New England! These dolls arrived yesterday after traveling through the mail form warmer climates. These seem no worse for wear from the trip.

The clown is a very large Edith Flack Ackley pattern doll, maker unknown. His costume is "melting" a bit but his workmanship is excellent. I am very fond of the clowns and have several in my collection. He is 21 inches tall and is made of the fabric that was known as Japanese crepe.

The fashionable ladies are all about 12 inches tall. The all have human hair, are wearing fancy undergarments and some are even wearing high heels or little leather boots. They all have human hair and complex outfits.

I would love to know who made them and why. There is a small note pinned to the back of the doll in harem pants that says "1st pantsuit, 1851." Perhaps this person made dolls to show fashions from different eras. One has water damage on her face, but her leather wedgie heels and ensemble are just wonderful. Their faces ware inked in like so many cloth dolls in the past. I think they were made in the 70's, possibly using the Worrell pattern for the bodies and some of the costumes.

Today just might be the last of the really cold temperatures below zero. We have plenty of snow around, too. This has been a harsh winter so far. One can only think about early American settlers in New England (and other places) trying to stay warm without the benefit of modern heating. A good weekend for soup and staying indoors but perhaps a museum or antique store might be fun, too....bad weather doesn't keep people home any more.

Enjoy your day...and enjoy the weekend... whatever the weather... wherever you are.


Eileen said...

Really lovely new old dolls for your collection. Those do look like they could be the Worrell pattern. And I love that clown! He could be the brother to your girl on your header. :-)

AngelMc said...

I love them. Human hair? Amazing, how is it attached?

a painter said...


The hair is sewn on with small stitches in a center part just as one sews on yarn or mohair. The lady in the shawl has an elaborate hair style that is rolled in the back and sewn down again. Lots of work. I an guessing that the maker cut up wigs for the hair. The dolls seem to be from the 70's and wigs were very popular then.

Christine LeFever said...

What fun, all of your new acquisitions. I am simply not versed in twentieth century dolls, for it's strictly the 18th and 19th centuries that pull me, but those are so dear. Kudos!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely they all are! They look so charming and ready for a big tea party! I imagine they gosssiped and chatted a lot on their way to live with you. I wonder what they think of the snow?

Plain-n-Simple! said...

ILove your clown, as a teenager i had them everywhere in my corner of my room , and they scared my sisters. Hehe... Darling dolls!!!

paris parfait said...

Love the details of these dolls! Try to stay bundled up, warm and cozy, despite the snow!