Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I smell a rat....

Not really! But, a little rat has come to live here. His maker, the very talented April Ross of Little Rock, AR, says he is a rascal and I should be aware of it. She should know! She is an artist, puppeteer needle felter and the creator of stories. April doesn't have a web site but here are some photos she has sent me over the years.

See the painting in her studio? That is Big Al. He is no longer with us but he was April's best buddy. She has other dogs in her life, but Big Al was very special. When he became disabled, April saw to it that he had a dog wheelchair so he could get around. She is a wonderful mother to her dogs and they are a bunch of characters who are lucky that she took them into her life. ( She is a prolific artist, too.)

April made this bear. Isn't he just grand? April is truly talented!

Let me introduce you to Josh and Vinetta. They are marionettes who live in a world of their own. April has created an environment for them that is enchanting. They are in a festive party mode here!

When a package arrives at April's home, they are frequently involved! Here they are when I sent a birdhouse to April.

I have known April for several years. We met through mutual friends on the Internet. We may never meet in person but, we have so many interests in common and so many coincidences that it is uncanny. When I posted my new little burro here the other day, April wrote that she has the whole collection (and sent me a photo!). She had also received a greeting card with a burro on it around the time I posted. We had never discussed burros!

This past weekend she put on an elaborate puppet show for a birthday party in the toy shop where she works. Lucky children! I saw the photos and the kids had a ball. She builds fabulous sets which she paints and makes her puppets come to life.

If you read this, April, Mr. Rat T. Rat is nearby. He is a charmer for sure and I am not much of a mouse lover in real life. But I love HIM! He is so cute and so funny. What can I say?

I hope you enjoyed reading about April and her creativity. I could have written much much more..her story telling with photos is precious.

Much to do here today. I would rather make dolls or art but have a few chores and errands that need some care.

Enjoy your day!


Eileen said...

Yep.. we are very lucky people to know April Ross. :-) I wish she could start a blog.. but I know she would never have time.

Anonymous said...

My goodness! Now I know what it must be like to win an Oscar! Katherine Hepburn could not have been more pleased than me to read the sweet compliments and see the fun photos! I don't even remember the one of Joshua and Vinetta... they must have sent it to you without me knowing. This thoughtful & generous tribute is one of the best gifts I have ever received. Thank-you my dear Helen! Love, April

Anonymous said...

Hah Hah...I am so clever that I cannot even figure out how to post a comment without being "Anonymous"!!! So much for my computer knowledge! Ah well, maybe "Anonymous" can be considered Romantic.....Mysterious...."A Naughty Mouse"? Hmmm..."Loser" might be the word I'm looking for!

a painter said...

I like "anonymous." It has a special ring to it. If you ever start a blog, it would be a good name.

What you lack in PC skills, you more than make up for in amazing talent. April, you are the best!

Love to you---