Thursday, October 09, 2008

Send in the clowns.....

Every so often I remember that this blog is about dolls as well as the other things I blog about.

Although I do make and sell dolls, I have chosen this blog to be more of a "non-commercial rest area" in a world that seems to be changing faster than I am. Yet doll making and collecting are still very much part of my existence.

About the dolls: I decided to collect cloth dolls about 8 years ago. Collecting anything can take you away from the every day and to special places. Previous to collecting, I made and sold them in galleries and at shows for a few years. I decided to study them as well as collect them and joined a few doll lists on the Internet. Finally, I settled on one type of doll and have focused on that ever since.

I joined two doll clubs and now am president of one. I have learned about and loved so many types of dolls in these past years. I am happy to say I know some of the nicest, talented, gifted doll makers and collectors. As a result of collecting, I added doll book collecting to my repertoire. I have been collecting other kinds of books for several decades and those same resources and book dealers helped me to procure my doll books. Some of them are quite rare.

Here are three Edith Flack Ackley pattern clowns, the kind of dolls I and others collect and/or make collect. One is vintage, maker unknown. Another is a new little clown in blue made by Geri Harang. I made the clown in pink & blue several years ago and named him Eddie. I have other Ackley pattern clowns but they are not handy right now.

Enjoy your day... and the weekend.


Eileen said...

That vintage one really makes me smile. They are all wonderful.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love that one in the very back. The colors, and that marvelous face make it unique, but I agree with Eileen, they're each wonderful.

I've made only a few dolls over the years, but I've enjoyed the process very much, and I hope to make more in the future. My days seem to be settling down a bit, after a couple of difficult years helping out my parents who have been very ill at times. Now, I am trying to find my creative bearings again. It's a little overwhelming!