Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Litchfield Hills....and gray skies

The Litchfield hills are notoriously pretty in any time of the year. We have had very warm, overcast days which make the colors stand out vividly against the gray skies.

It was a very busy weekend and I was lucky to get theses photos when I could.

And speaking of gray skies, in the past week, I know more than a dozen people who have lost their jobs, and/or their health benefits. We lost our dental insurance last week but close friends lost their jobs as well. We are not far behind.

It is getting increasingly difficult to stay creative and positive in the unraveling of the economy. I send a shout out to everyone in the same boat. I find myself weepy lately. Even a trip to the grocery store will yield a sad story concerning employment or health care loss. Stores are closing everywhere. One of the big box chains my friend works for is going out business today. Not the store....the whole chain. She worked there 18 years.

Until next time, enjoy the day to the best of your ability. If you see one beautiful thing and give and/or receive one act of kindness, I think your day will be fine!

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Mrs. Staggs said...

I know, it's hard to watch what is happening right now. A friend of mine recently was let go from a job that she's worked at since she was in her 20's. She's 61 now, and had to start all over in a new job, with less benefits, and vacation time, but she's fortunate to have found a new position. We have lots of family in the construction buisness, and just the other day, my dad said one of them is out of work,and the others only have 2 weeks worth of work ahead of them. These are unsettling times, but I know, from having experienced a few rough times in my life, that if we all are there for one another, we'll get through this time too, stronger than before. I tend to find comfort in the beauty around me, in my friends, and in the simpler things too, Helen.

Let's try to keep busy with our creating, and share the beauty around us with each other. I so appreciate all that you do to make this such a lovely place to visit.

These photos are stunning!