Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mrs. Staggs
gave an assignment for Sketchbook Wednesday:

The prompt for next Wednesday is, A Little Needlework, and your page should include at least one element that moves.

Well, I didn't get anything actually sketched but I used my own photos once again.

What moves? The needle and thread in the left hand corner and the narrow banners that say "sewing for Bleuette." They are attached with brads and can be swung into different positions. There is loose ribbon, fabric, and tatting as well and some of the elements are not fully adhered to the page.

Since I sew for my Bleuettes from time to time, they were a natural for a page in journal. I actually made the Bleuettes a sewing kit from a pattern that was on a doll list a few years ago and you can see it in the photo. That little heart quilt in the scan is a real doll quilt that I made with friends who exchanged heart squares and signed them for a friendship quilt.

I tried putting the page in the scanner this time since the light was not good for photos here today. The journal is slightly bigger than the scanner bed. It cut off part of the page top and bottom.

Maybe next week I can get some painting done for the pages. This past week was hectic. I finished the page this afternoon and am posting it now while I have the time.

Enjoy your day! Go forth and create....or do laundry which is where I am going next!


Eileen said...

This was very creative. Clever to make the needle loose like that. I love Bleuette too. Can't wait to see what's next Wednesday!

Christine LeFever said...

That is absolutely charming!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Helen, you are so talented. I love how this page reflects some of your interests in sewing. That small quilt scanned so well! It sure is lovely. So much of this page is inspiring me. Thank you for taking the time to do this with me. I'm having fun, and it's good for me to have someone to be accountable to.

It's the laundry room for me today too!

meg said...

I really like what you are doing, especially the little quilt & embroidery.
I'm a couple weeks behind, but hope to get this prompt finished by next week :-)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Okay I'm not showing mine anymore LOL! This is great! I love the dolls.