Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little Edith Flack Ackley doll story...

Last October while visiting a shop in MA, I met a great gal in a shop I wandered into. We started talking about dolls. Don't ask me how we got on the subject, (Neither one of us can rememebr) but we both collected the same types dolls... Hitty, Bleuette, others.

To make a very long story short, we recently met again when I was visiting up her way again in MA. She had mentioned that she had a little doll that was similar to one that I had with me--Edie, my travel doll. Edie travels with me in an eye glass case. In case you didn't notice, I collect dolls made from EFA patterns and make them sometimes, soon.

As it turns out, I believe she has an original Edith Ackley doll. I took a book with me to identify the doll but one doesn't need a book when you see greatness in the palm of your hand. TINY stitches, impeccable clothes and winsome expression.

Above are some photos I took of her doll and my doll, Edie in the pink dress. We met where Carol works and interested bystanders and shoppers watched as we posed our dolls. They seemed to enjoy our endeavor.

I hope that you will enjoy our endeavor, too! It was real joy to meet a stranger in a shop who turned out to have so much in common with me. I wish everyone the same serendipity!

Enjoy your day.

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Eileen said...

That certainly does look the same as in the book. I bet seeing her in person was wonderful.
My Little Edie went with me to Hitty Club today. She is always a hit.