Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home again, home again!

We are enjoying the last days of summer and continuing to explore the region. We needed another trip trip back to Shelburne Fall and the Bridge of Flowers. This time we dropped by the little Trolley Museum and took the little ride that they offer. It is wonderful to imagine oneself in a long dress and parasol and viewing the same landscape a passenger would a have seen one hundred years ago. Trolleys are making a comeback and there are those who think they never should have gone away. They provided relatively inexpensive mass transportation and could do so again.

This trolley was saved and resided on a farm for many years and was used a chicken coop for a while. (The other trolley cars were burned and the metal was salvaged from them.) The farmer whose family owned it for more than 60 years was able to ride in the restored trolley again for a few years before he passed away. He sat in the same chair he sat as a child. There is a dedication and photo near the seat. One could imagine him as little boy and the wonder it must have brought him at the turn of the last century.

The Bridge of Flowers will soon be in autumn mode and the dahlias and asters are beginning to bloom. We hope to return to see the foliage later this year although any ventures into the Berkshires as a leap-peeper need to be planned with a road less traveled or one encounters monumental traffic jams.

Back to a normal schedule here, but I have many photos of other places to share over the next few days. It is always great to get away from the norm and gaze upon nature's gifts here in New England. We will have many warm summer memories this winter when snow covers the greenery enjoy now.

Enjoy your day.


Christine LeFever said...

I lived in Vermont for a few years, where our son was born, and indeed there is nothing quite like New England! Many is the time I've frequented the Shelburne Museum; so beautiful! Right here in historic Oregon City, OR we have a trolley almost identical to yours! We took our little grandson (3) on it a few weeks ago. I so love the fall. It is truly my favorite season, and believe it or not it is just as lovely in Oregon, but we sort of keep it a secret.


eileen said...

These photos are so beautiful. What a magical place. I think I couls spend the whole day on that bridge. The clouds reflecting in the water shows what a clear day you had for your trip. I do hopeyou can go back when the dahlias are blooming!