Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday again! Where does the time go?

Remember when you were a child and the summer was endless? The long lazy days stretched ahead into what seemed like infinity.

Does time speed up as we age? It seems impossible to capture that luxurious sense of time we enjoyed in youth--when we proclaimed we were bored! In a few short weeks school starts, and for all practical purposes it will be autumn in my hemisphere. Summer will dwindle away to frost and pumpkins and crunchy colored leaves underfoot.

Today I am seeing a friend. For more than twenty years we see have seen each other on or around our birthdays. We usually shop or go to a museum and we always have lunch.

We planned a museum visit for today and lunch all fresco, but there is a prediction of heavy rain and violent thunderstorms. Maybe a mall trip would be better considering the prediction is for hail.

Whatever you do today, enjoy your day! Above you will see Henry, my latest creation/character, sending you wishes for a happy weekend!


eileen said...

Time does speed up, because when we're little we are still going up the hill. When we get over the hill, we start coasting real fast.

Autumn is a lovely time of year.

Henry is terrific!!

Malphi said...

Yes I agree, time does seem to pass so much faster as we get older AND UK summers seem to definitely get's cold and like autumn here now and only August!