Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A cake made from flowers

Grand art!

More Grand Art!

Tote Bag Made by Eileen

Paper doll made by Carol

Bookmark by Harriet

Birthday loot!

It was a wonderful day yesterday. My grands (aged seven and nine) chose IKEA for a destination for a special lunch. They created some very nice art for my birthday! Their mother knows my addiction to Kathy Van Zeeland handbags and you might be able to catch a view of the paisley print in my birthday hand bag behind the little Russian doll in the bottom photo.

How about a cake made from flowers? My brother and his family surprised me with this one. Very beautiful and no calories! Truly a cake I can love!

Do you see the beautiful tote bag in the gorgeous Indonesian fabric? That was made by our very own Eileen! She used an Amy Butler pattern called "Birdie Sling" and it is as divine inside as it is outside! She knows that I go to flea markets, auctions and antiquing every weekend so you know that I will will be the "cat's meow" when I use it. Nobody appreciates this kind of bag more than other arty people and collectors. I expect lots of compliments! It has compartments inside....really wonderful.

The little paper doll was made by my friend Carol who also gave me the little Russian doll. Carol is talented painter and sells art on eBay and other places. I only wish I looked as good as the paper doll she made to look like me!

My friend Harriet in Chicago made a bejeweled book mark for me that is so lovley--with turquoise and rhinestones!

I was very spoiled this year and I should be quite embarrassed at such super birthday loot! My DH gave me a digital photo album which I can carry in my purse. He knows that eleven years of digital photos have ruined me for ever printing any photos. I never have any photos with me to show anyone.

Lunch was so dee-lish at IKEA (love the salmon!) and dinner was just as luscious as I "transitioned" from Swedish cuisine to Italian later in the day.

So, I say thank you to EVERYONE....there are some gifts and remembrances that are not mentioned here. It was a great day and I will be thinking about it for many days to come.

Now, back down to earth here! I am days and days behind on everything from housework to art projects so I had better get back to work.

Enjoy your day.


eileen said...

woo-hoo.. no cooking all day. Now that is MY kind of birthday!
I'm glad you had so many special things yesterady.. you deserve them all.

Mrs. Staggs said...

A very happy belated birthday to you!

What lovely gifts. I especially like the grand's presents! Those are the very best kinds of presents to receive.

I hope your weekend is a happy one too!