Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend finds...

How was your weekend? Despite some heavy humidity at times, we made it to a few auctions and a very large flea market. I came home with some treasures that were all very inexpensive.

I can never leave behind a cheap Edith Flack Ackley pattern doll. This Dutch girl is crudely made but a good example of the doll maker's creativity. Her bonnet is so sweet. The doll maker never turned up her toes to make feet or added shoes.

The little Asian mother and child is composition and cloth and probably not very old. I just thought they were sweet and so charming. The mother is 8 inches tall.

These tiny ones are all 4 inches. They all came from the same estate in one auction lot. The corn husk doll has a precious inked face. The little Russian and Greek souvenir dolls are full of personality.

Hank, whose photo is located in the right side bar of this blog, is at the vet today having his teeth cleaned. I know in advance that he will have extractions. He is one of those Yorkies with bad dental genetics...much like his owner. I worry about him being under anesthesia. He weighs three pounds and 7 ounces and these small guys are tricky to medicate.

I am still walking around with three temporary crowns in my mouth awaiting the rest of the work this week. We are drowning in dental bills. Sigh.

Thunderstorms are upon us so we will be shutting down here soon.

Enjoy the day!


eileen said...

Awe.. I love that little EFA with the bonnet. You always have the keenest eye when it comes to these!

Christine LeFever said...

I would love to see your entire collection of dolls. I imagine it is immense. This is quite a sweet little assortment of interesting dollies!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!