Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Enter the Singer 301!

Call me sewing machine piggy. I already own a Singer Free Arm Featherweight 222, one black Featherweight, one white/green Featherweight and several other sewing machines.

When I went to an auction Monday night, I saw this one sitting prettily in its case. I didn't even want to approach it because I might jinx the bidding. Won it for $25! Came home, plugged it in, and it runs like a dream.

The 301 is a little heavier than a Featherweight but, otherwise, it very similar. The regular FW is belt driven. The 301 is gear driven. If my other FWs are like fine sports cars, this one is like a muscle car.

While I was still reeling from my good fortune, a couple of friends and I went "junking" yesterday to some thrift stores. I came home with this finely crafted wooden sewing cabinet/chest. I already have one but I could not resist this at $7 in perfect condition.

These were made in Norway and extend open to 5 feet. There were lots of sewing supplies but I took them out and donated them back to the thrift shop since I already had the supplies. This photo is not the best but you can get an idea.

The name of the company that made these is A-S Strommen Bruk Hamar and they have a distinctive red and yellow label. I am unsure as to what year they were made. They show up regularly on eBay and in antiques stores around here. Pricey. I am going top keep this one downstairs. The other is upstairs in my tiny sewing space.

If anyone who is from Norway reads this blog and knows about the maker of the cabinet or the era, I would love and appreciate it if you could leave a comment about it.

We are entering a heat wave starting this afternoon. It seems like we have been in a heat wave since spring. I need to get moving here before it gets too warm and water some plants.

Stay cool. Enjoy you day!


eileen said...

This is the same machine I learned to sew on growing up! She runs beautifully. GREAT find!

And also that sewing stand. LOVE it! You had a good week for treasures.

Ulla said...

Hi Helen, I have a sewing stand almost like yours. I couldn't find any name on it. The handle to carry is more beautiful in yours, mine is a round wood handle attached with screws to square vertical parts. I got my stand this winter from my mother, it was my grandmother's. We live in Finland and share a little bit border with Norway!

newjerseydeb said...

I inherited the same sewing box from my grandmother yesterday with the A S Strommen Bruk Hamar lable inside. She was Irish from Brooklyn NY and had it before I was born in 1957. How did she know I'd marry a Norweigan and want her sewing box? What a treasure to pass down to my daughter. Thanks Gram!

newjerseydeb said...

So sorry I just noticed I spelled Norwegian wrong!

Anonymous said...

I just came upon a Stromenn-Bruk Hamar sewing box exactly as yours, but I have no idea what the worth is. Mine is in pretty nice shape.xzyhnr