Friday, July 18, 2008

For the birds!

Another hot and humid day in New England. This summer has been for the birds...literally and figuratively. Since we installed our new bird bath, our tiny back yard is like a spa for feathered friends. I find myself filling the bird bath many times a day.

Our bird feeder also requires constant filling as the mother birds bring the babies to the deck rail and entice them to fly to the feeder. Sometimes they feed them as they squawk on the deck with their little mouths wide open waiting for seeds. They are so cute!

Then there are the little wooden bird houses that are sold in craft stores for around a dollar. I have been painting them and decorating them with art, paper, ribbons and other embellishments. They are totally addictive!

Of course, this has been the year of seeing other birds such as Great Blue Herons, ospreys, at the shore, orioles in the back yard, turkeys waddling down country roads, and swans in abundance.

Enjoy your day. Maybe you will see some birds in your travels. Have a good weekend, too.


eileen said...

You know birds are some of my favorite little creatures. :-)
Those birdhouses are beautiful! I love the orange one the VERY best. Maybe because of that moon.

Christine LeFever said...

What darling bird houses!

Your birds are lucky to have you filling those bird baths more than once a day.

I should get out there momentarily and fill mine!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

My, your birds certainly live in style!

I'm sorry to hear that your summer weather hasn't been pleasant. Ours has been pretty nice. A little too warm at times, but nothing intolerable. We could actually use a day of rain. The gardens are drooping and the lawns are turning brown.

I have never seen swans in this area before, but I remember them from when I was small, and lived in other parts of the country. They're so graceful, but I've heard that they aren't usually very friendly birds. That seems a shame.