Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer whites....

This is an all cloth doll I made several years ago. It is one of the earliest commercial doll patterns known and was published by Butterick. I made it as part of an online challenge.

It was the summer after my mother passed away and I was not feeling creative. At that point I had made and sold more than 100 dolls at craft shows and in galleries and was feeling burnt out. I worked on the doll every afternoon religiously and eventually finished her.

Her clothes were made from an antique dress that was beyond salvation. I made her boots from Ultrasuede. She had pantaloons, many petticoats, gloves and a purse I made from an embroidered doily.

The following Christmas/holiday season I put the doll in a holiday gallery show and sale with a very high price tag NEVER expecting it to sell it. It sold the first day and I have regretted this ever since. It represented healing and introspection and long summer afternoons much like I spent in childhood.

I was thinking about this doll the other day and how people dressed entirely in white during the summer. I know why--it is much cooler. I wanted to wear white recently and felt uncomfortable with it because I felt like I looked like I was in a uniform.

If you wear white in the sun you really won't feel the sun. No wonder white robes are worn in the desert! I have invested in some white shirts and pants and have been wearing them although not wearing white from head to toes.

If the world keeps getting warmer and warmer, I think we will see a return to this. Try it some time--you will feel the difference. When ladies dressed in layers and layers of white clothes like the doll, they must have felt somewhat cooler. I am old enough to remember white shoes worn ONLY from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Whatever you wear....enjoy your day...and the weekend, too.


Peng Peng said...

hey there! so nice to have found/ met you from my CT blog entry. i agree, white does keep cooler, it reflects the light rather than absorb heat like dark colors do. I just have a hard time keeping white clean!

Wearing long sleeved, loose fitting cotton (as cultures from hot climates do) feels plenty cooler than the sun beating down on exposed skin.

Your white dressed doll is lovely.. i'm sure the adoptive mother is appreciative of her :O) It can be difficult sometimes to let the "special ones" go, but there will be the memories always, right?

Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend! xo, pp

Heather said...

She's very lovely! Nice to meet you :)