Friday, June 06, 2008


Recently I have fallen under the charm of my friend's goats. I wrote about them in my other blog, but I couldn't put more than one photo there.

How charming these loving animals are! These pygmy goats are as friendly as dogs and extremely vocal and affectionate.

I realize that outdoor adventures have taken me away from doll making a lot lately but who can resist the charm of summer and the great outdoors? These goats were so enchanting that I visited them twice. There is something quite dear about them.

A strangely extreme heat wave is coming here for the weekend. I think the rest of the country has already had it as it moves west toward New England. Perhaps it is time to consider the great indoors for a few days and back to doll making.

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your weekend.


heidi said...

hi helen ~

your goodies are in the mail!

funny thing your hometown and my last name ~ always wondered if it was a beautiful place, and now i see it is! when my youngest was about 2 we used to visit a friends farm who had goats, and they would come up and lick her face. she didn't seems to mind until one day we were driving over and she said "i don't yike goats!"

take care ~
xo heidi

eileen said...

Very cute goats. They do look like they could talk.

yes.. sometimes the great indoors is more comfortable when this heatwave hits! But I love all the great outdoors things you've been sharing lately. :)

Evie said...

Thanks for the comment. It's funny, the first thing I thought when I was scrolling down reading this post was "Goats!"