Tuesday, June 03, 2008

From NYC to the Great Blue Heron!

NYC was so much fun on Saturday. And to those who have written or commented, the Tinsel Trading Co. is everything you would hope it would be and much more. And yes, I bought things!

On a sad note, NYC seems to be turning into a strip mall. The big box stores have taken over and wonderful old buildings are being taken down to make way for condos. It is heartbreaking if you remember and loved the unique small shops that were everywhere in the city.

If you ever lived there, as I once did, you will feel overwhelming sadness at this, although the city is much cleaner and safer now. Tinsel Trading Co. is moving from its original site. Go to the web site and read the history and you will feel a bit sad that the store would be moving to another location.

Only 24 hours later I went to another famous and favorite store also with a sad story, Wright's Trims Factory Outlet in Sturbridge, MA. I have been going to Wright's since the 70's. It moved from its original Wright's Mill site about 15 years ago to its present location. It will be closing permanently mid-July. See this parking lot? We used to have to wait to get a parking place it was so crowded.

Sturbridge was was always a great tourist destination with lots of shops and restaurants. Everybody in New England takes their kids to Old Sturbridge Village sooner or later. It is the actual town of Sturbridge that is beginning to look ghostly. The new B&B is closed and for sale. Basketville is gone. There are still some good places for antiques, though, so hopefully it will turn around some day soon.

Behind the spot I stood to take the photo of Wright's, there is a path to a waterfall which is hidden from view. I found it about 15 years ago and, since then, others have, too. The path has become a well beaten path.

After I took photos of the waterfall, we were walking back to the car when I looked over and saw this very tall bird. It was fishing in the bottom of the fall.

It was hopping from stone to stone and didn't care we were there. (I would love to concentrate like this!) I never expected to get this close to a Great Blue Heron! It was more than 4 feet tall and it was magnificent. I am an avid bird watcher so I couldn't have been more excited

It was quite a weekend. One day I was having ice cream in the food court at Trump Tower and the next day I was serendipitously eyeball to eyeball with a bird almost as tall as I. Such is life, or at least, my life.

Enjoy your day!


Christine LeFever said...

Ah, Helen, 'tis sad indeed, but alas, as dear old Einstein said, "The one true constant, is change". Well, I agree that strip mall land has taken over most of this country, but when done nicely it's fine in some places.

We just have to go with the flow and treasure our memories, and yours are well intact, so continue to share.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

a painter said...

Christine, you are so right. It is the Tao of it, but still I wax nostalgic! *smile*

eileen said...

Wow! That photo of the heron is amazing! You could frame that one. He is huge!