Monday, June 09, 2008

It's pink and blue world in bloglandia. Most of the creative and artistic blogs are done up in pretty pastel colors: pink, blue, and aqua. These are the colors of my childhood and it is nice to see them around again. Pink and brown, aqua and brown, pink and pretty.

We tend towards earthier colors in my corner of the world so I don't make to many forays into the realm of pastels, though love them when I see them.

So, when I wanted to make something to donate to my doll club auction, it seemed natural to follow this creative trend. Here is a make-do pincushion with a jelly jar for a base. The blue bird is made from felt and I used a pattern by Runo, a wonderful Japanese doll maker. The rest of it is made from stuff from my "fabric stash."

I think it would look nice displayed in a doll room. Most of the gals in my club collect antique bisque dolls. One of them collects antique sewing machines and I have seen her collection. This would fit right into her decor, too. So, I think there will be bidding.

We have a heat wave here. The heat index will be 104 here today. I am grateful for having air conditioning. I hope that this is not a sign of the summer to come. After all, it hasn't even started yet. It is still spring.

Enjoy your day.

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eileen said...

I recognize that bunny fabric. :)