Monday, June 23, 2008

Enter the Varde!

The Varde cabinet is here! It won't be doing kitchen duty, though it is in the vicinity. It is hosting art supplies and my vintage paper cutters. There is a toaster oven I occasionally use for art purposes only. There is a shelf made from the drawers of treadle sewing machine, perfect for storing artist trading cards and other small works of art and supplies. The flat wooden boxes on top are pencil boxes.

My husband has the patience of a saint! If you shop IKEA, you know that everything is in flat boxes. Imagine putting this together..and then assembling twelve drawers? Clever design made it a simple job although time consuming.

It is hideously humid here, thus the dark photo. Normally, this work area is so bright that it requires curtains drawn most of the day.

The humidity is 100 percent and it is extremely overcast and foggy for mid-morning. (We don't live near the shore so fog is not usually an issue.) It feels like the ugliest of August "dog days." The weather has changed here in southern New England as it has in other places. We are not enjoying the pretty early summer weather we usually have. The past few summers have been "bruisers" with high temperatures, copious humidity, and plenty of violent storms. In the past, this would be the weather one would see in August or maybe late July.

Back to work here. Enjoy your day!


eileen said...

Well I never knew you had a vintage paper cutter collection.. and how many years have I known you? This whole setup is going to be wonderful. You do have a saint for a hubby. :)

Christine LeFever said...

That is really a neat thing, that Varde!

How horrid, that high humidity. That is one thing that does not exist in the western US and for that I am grateful. But having lived in the east and the Midwest, there is relief with good old air conditioning. Good luck, darlin'!!!

Christine (Zwee!!!!)

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a wonderful crafting area you have. I love the idea of using this Varde for your supplies.

We've mostly been having a cool summer here, and I have to say I'm pretty grateful that we don't usually experience the dreadful sort of humidity that you've described. I hope all will be more comfortable soon.