Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Bleuettes get free....

After many months tucked away safely in a glass cabinet, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would hear a steady stream of French coming from the Bleuettes in the cabinet. The Bleuettes were still wearing winter attire. They were stifled and begging to be set free.

I tried to appease them with the Ouija board. LouLou is on the left, Odette is in the middle, and Sidonie is on the right. They don't have a very good attention span and I knew they were anxious to get outdoors as quickly as possible....tres vite!

Although, we have heavy humidity and it was too dark for a photo shoot, they were not to be denied the chance to get barefoot and show off summer clothes. Odette, in back with her braids on top of her head, is wearing a divine new dress from Eileen's Attic. A quick trip to the deck, and they were frolicking as only Bleuettes can do.

Suddenly I didn't see Odette. That was because she had wandered to a container of patio tomatoes.

I eventually rounded them up and they are currently hanging out of the Varde. They love anything new and are hoping not to be returned to their cabinet any time soon.

They say adieu--and enjoy your day.


eileen said...

Oh please let them stay out of the cabinet for a while! They are so wonderful. They all look so chic, even in their bare feet. Happy Summer Bleuettes!

Catherine said...

How wonderful -- they look like they're having SO much fun!