Saturday, June 21, 2008

I found a wonderful pin cushion on Flickr made from a bottle cap. After looking around, I was led to the artist's profile and her tutorials. She has a blog, too. I was so entranced that I made one right away and ordered a book as well. Totally adorable and easy to make!

When I was younger, I made all of my Christmas gifts and cards. Part of the reason was to save money, but part of it was to give hand made gifts to people I cared about. I have seen gifts in friend's and family's homes that I made more than 25 years ago. I do make and sell complicated make-do pin cushions myself, but I think these little ones are precious and would slip nicely into a sewing box.

When my life became more hectic, I made less and less gifts. Now I feel like I would like to make more gifts for more people. I do make and receive wonderful gifts from doll makers but I would like to extend beyond that circle of friends.

The weekend has rolled around . The first day of summer was storm filled and today will be ultra humid. I have adjusted to all the dental work (sort of) and have moved on to other things. I had a mountain of real life correspondences and other things to keep me busy the past few days.

Enjoy your day--and enjoy your weekend!


eileen said...

I am one of those lucky friends with MANY of your handmade treasures tucked in to every corner. But that's ok.. you can keep sending them!
That little pin cushion really is adorable. Thank you for the link to the tutorial. I'm going to add it to my sidebar.

Christine LeFever said...

That is a darling little thing! I love sweet, small, hand made items.

Christine (Zwee!!!!!!!)