Friday, May 05, 2017

Edie and the rain...

Edie is ready to go out and garden...and so am I!   But we must wait until it stops raining. This is the rainiest spring I can remember in decades. So we will wait a bit to plant outdoors and will watch everything turn emerald from the window.

The weekend is coming up and there could be a bit of sunshine on Sunday.  Zephyr, our kitty, knows exactly what to do. She curled up on a soft blanket and slept all day... and will repeat this process every day weather or not.

I felt like a heroine in an English novel was so chilly and damp that I lighted a a fire in the fire place and made hot tea.  

Only a few days ago it was over 80 and I was wearing flip-flops and thinking about taking out summer clothes and putting away winter clothes.

Better warmer days are coming...and Edie will get to visit the great outdoors.  What about you?  Is it warm enough for to plant?  To have a picnic?  What is happening in your garden?

 Until  the next time,

happy weekend 

and enjoy the day!


Dawn said...

Sara sympathizes with Edie. We've had lots of rain too, so much that many homes and businesses have flooded. We stayed dry, but are tired of being indoors. We finally got some sunshine today. Hopefully it will get to your neck of the woods soon.

Simply Shelley said...

Oh yes, quite warm enough to plant. We have actually had a cool spell which has been quite enjoyable for my part. Can't wait to see what adventures Edie will enjoy when the rain stops. ❤🌞🌞