Thursday, February 23, 2017

A bookish idea...

Recently, I was able to obtain a variety of art papers By Jane Davenport.  I already have a huge stash of papers collected over the years.  So my friend and I decided to swap books. The theme was hearts and flowers.  I had a chipboard book here for ages and went to work. I used a glue stick, tacky glue, a glue gun as adhesives.  Fun project I think.

The cover is built up layers of papers and cutouts, ribbons and yarn and a piece of recycled cardboard that was in a package I received.

There is a bracelet in the book attached with safety pins and the ribbon lifts up to reveal hearts underneath.  I added paper clips and other clips along the edges.

A recent drawing I did was used in various ways.  As much as I like using  art papers, I like to add my own art work, too.

This was an easy project that could be done on paper as well.  I used up a lot of scraps and odds and ends. My goal was not to buy anything for it.  I am going to start another project soon and use what I already have.

To be honest, it is difficult to feel creative right now.  The topsy-turvy nature of the national mood has affected my ability and mood  to get up and get going and create.

Are you creating? I know some of you have made little dolls and I need to  make a little doll, too.  I made one doll for a swap recently called "winter."  This is a very poor photo of it...kind of like my mood that day.   And so it goes...I need  to make another and take a better photo!  Until then...

Be creative!

Enjoy the day!

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