Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Winter...snow...too much!

Well, it is snowing a lot  these days. New England has had it share of big snow storms and it does tend to slow one down.   Thankfully, we have not lost heat or electrical power and are plodding along like everyone else and looking forward to spring!

'Have worked on projects and  made soup and done all the usual winter things.  We have discovered some new restaurants and have stayed a bit close to home since the lousy weather has been frequntly on the weekends. 

What are you doing to  pass the inter time? I made a few things though staying motivated has been challenging. So what did I make?  Here is a smattering...

Made from cloth, gessoed and painted...

So you can reference the size..here is a tomato!

Some fabric collages...

A little book...

and lots of drawings!

It has been very dark so taking photos has been a challenge.  Today we are seeing some winter sun and it is a very nice visit!

Movies, books, housework,  cooking, lots of other stuff to  take up the rest of the time.  There really is nothing at all to complain about but I worry about loved ones on the road in this weather. 

Hopefully all is going well with you 
whatever weather season you are in!
Stay safe and warm if need be!

As always,

Enjoy the day!


l.wilks11 said...

Fortunately we have only had a scattering of snow this last week,but I'm sure we wont get away with it much longer.
Me! I've been busy making a new quilt for my daughter and joined an upholstery class which seems to be going well. I try to make most of the cold weather as when the better weather comes i like to do my garden.
Your craft work is amazing and i just love the dog he's so cute.
Happy crafting.....xx

vivian said...

OH you know me... I just putter and play. and Ive been staying close to home too... I hate driving in the snow and get enough of that just going back and forth to work. Looking forward to a quiet weekend. maybe a little playtime with some grandpies.. and I have two bears to finish. Have a great day Helen!

Carol said...

I love your cloth dog, so creative!