Friday, January 16, 2015

Hello new year!

Time flies!  We are halfway through the month of January!  Spring cannot some soon enough for some of us. January is a cold month for sure.  Today I  share a few photos as I sip on a hot cup of tea and the furnace lets its presence be known!

Here is a tin that I decorated.  I left the polar bear exposed since I was  using one on the inside of the tin.  I really love these tins and love decorating them.

Here is another little item that was gift. I used the mushroom tutorial and the house tutorial by Pixie Hill and used a spool rather than a teacup or thimble. 

We have been out and about as always. In addition to the day trips we take, we also go to indoor soccer games for our grandson half an hour away. So the weekends seem to go by in a flash! We have been trying different restaurants and not getting out of the car to take photos because it is too darn cold!

What is your January like?   Is it cold? Or are you in another hemisphere enjoying the summer sun? Have you made soup?  I have made a LOT of soup.

I must tell you that the dolls here have been very social and begging for photos.  But, we need to wait for just a little more light in the house and also a little motivation on my behalf before the photo shoot happens.

Stay warm,

happy winter 

or whatever season you are in,

and as always,

enjoy the day!

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swig said...

what a nice idea and a lovely result!
warm greetings from cold Paris!