Monday, November 17, 2014

Some magical inhabitants!

Some magical inhabitants are on the premises.  They are quite delightful and belong to the family of cloth dolls made with wire armatures.  They don't really need a whole lot of introduction because I think their personalities speak for themselves...and their makers.

A limited edition Wee Folk made 
by Salley Mavor
This is Lily of the Valley fairy

This is the Flower Maiden by Phoebe Wahl. 

 They are so photogenic...enjoy a few more photos!

They have made friends with various characters and creatures here.

There is always a party going on somewhere in the house.  The characters mix and mingle and move around.  If I am really lucky, they let me catch them at play!

Meanwhile, winter is about to descend on us.  Most of the country has already felt winter's wrath with snow or cold. is almost winter and nearly Thanksgiving so it must be right on schedule! 

Ready for Thanksgiving?  The rest of the holidays? Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza are  not far away.  Shall we all pledge to enjoy this time?  The world could use some good cheer.  If there is any chance at all to spread goodwill, the time is now.  

Pour a cup of coffee or tea or whatever you like, and think about the holidays... and how we can make them special for others.  

In that way, we make them special for ourselves!

 Until the next time,

thinking of you 

and always,

enjoy the day!



l.wilks11 said...

There's some thing magical about fairies . I just love them in all shapes and form.
Maybe a comforting winter fairy will see us through the darkness of the short days we are about to endure....xx

Simply Shelley said...

Those are some cute little wee folks who have come to live in your home. I have always hoped to some day catch my dolls at play, but nope not yet. They are just to quick for me :) Stay warm my friend, have a blessed Thanksgiving Day, then we'll start all the Christmas celebrations. Have a good, peaceful winter.

Beth said...

Lovely words, Helen :-)

I am fortunate to have living with me three of Salley's original fairies. They delight me no end. Thank you for sharing!

Happy Thanksgiving!