Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Easing into Thanksgiving...

The past few days have been a balmy sixty degrees Fahrenheit.  Today we are predicted to receive 4-8 inches of snow.  Right now it is a comfortable 42 degrees. It looks like early spring out there.  It is hard to believe winter will be here later today!  My hope is that it doesn't cause a great deal of trouble for travelers.

We have taken a few rides out into the country to enjoy the weather and the beauty.  In the car, with a coffee and the the radio playing, we are on "mini vacations" from home and from the cares of the world.   Within just a few hours we can be in any of the New England states and upper state New York... or even in Boston or new York City.  Happily, we are home in time to sleep in our own beds snuggled under the down comforter and feel like we have been away!

The photos can speak for themselves...a memory of before the snow started covering it all up for winter.  I was lucky to see many Belties grazing and there were many more I didn't photograph.  They never fail to make me smile.

There is an abundance of hatred/racism/anger floating around at this time this year. This is not the abundance I wish for.  It is the time for Thanksgiving.  It would be nice if we all could see all sides of a picture without being hateful and angry.  That would be my wish for this holiday season.

With that I leave you  with gentle wishes for a happy Thanksgiving... if you celebrate it.  (People tend to forget not everybody does.)   Wishing for peace and gratitude for  all...

 as always,

enjoy the day.



vivian said...

well, Ive got the pies, stuffing and squash all done. fingers crossed I didnt screw anything up. nothing taste right to me with this cold.
I hope you and your family have a happy thanksgiving!
ours is sure to be a crazy day here.
see ya on facebook!

paris parfait said...

The pictures look so idyllic. And what a contrast from 60 degrees to snow! I agree about all the hatred/anger/racism out place for it in society, particularly in the 21st century. Hope you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving, Helen! xx

Simply Shelley said...

Our weather right now is as you first described. In the 60's and seems like spring. I am wondering what is in store for our winter. My Thanksgiving was wonderful. I hope yours was too. Yes, its very sad all the hatred that is going on in our world, but there is hope of a better world one day, I do believe.
Blessings of peace and comfort to you dear Helen. Oh, we call those cows "Oreos" here in Texas... ;)