Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday in Connecticut...

Today was a perfect Sunday in Connecticut!  We have had so many perfect days this year that I have stopped being the curmudgeon I can be when it comes to the weather. 

Here is a little glimpse into a perfect 
late-summer/almost-autumn day....

These photos were  taken at Farmer Joe's which is just a few miles away from here.  I could not resist taking photos when there was such beautiful color everywhere!  No need to visit other parts of New England this weekend.  There was more than enough beauty and produce to keep us nearby.

How is your September treating you?  It's getting obvious that the days are getting shorter but other than that, this is truly the best time of year in New England.  Last year the changing leaves were a disappointment but we have high hopes for this year.

As always...

Carpe Diem!


Simply Shelley said...

I am so ready for fall. I so hope to visit New England in the Autumn someday. I know what I see here in Autumn color is a far, far cry from what is there. I'm having a little give away at my blog and tomorrow is the last day before I draw a name. Go check it out if you like. Blessings to you Helen

l.wilks11 said...

Here in little old Essex in the uk we are in the early stages of Autumn. Luckily so far the weather has been dry and sunny with a bit of a chill in the early mornings teasing us before the full onset of winter.
The veg garden is starting to look bare now that most of my harvest is in. Its a lovely feeling though to think all my hard work is fruitful. Sadly my pumpkins were a disaster this year i just wondered if you could send me one of those from your farm shop....just kidding.
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog......xx

vivian said...

I love the farmers stands and shops at this time of year. In fact will be stopping at one down the street today to get some apples. Im dying for a fresh apple pie.. or apple crisp.
doesnt that sound yummy?
happy day Helen!