Friday, September 05, 2014

Fooled again!

Just when I thought it was safe to say "wonderful weather" we are now enjoying the heat and humidity of August.  As in HEATWAVE.  It reached 90 a few days and has been smokin' hot ever since. I say that because there is a scent of smog in the air that is unpleasant.

This didn't  keep us from exploration though.   We found some wonderful new spots to dine in MA and upstate NY and other things to explore on the weekends including places here in CT.

This is the first submarine to operate in open water in 1898.  Imagine our surprise as we left a restaurant and conveniently came upon it adjacent to a parking lot.  The Explorer was restored and displayed at the Groton Navy Submarine base before it returned to its current location in Milford during the late 1990s.

Meanwhile I was making art as usual and all manner of crafty things. I had some time to collect a few dolls and make a few dolls and to socialize so all is good in my world. My dear little neighbor brought me over some roses and I just had to take a photo with some art work and a doll I made.  The doll is sewn but colored entirely in colored pencils then sealed.

How is late summer treating you?  It really isn't fall you know.  There is plenty of good weather ahead plus autumn leaves beginning to emerge from behind green ones.

I have placed a number of Buddhist prayer flags on the deck to honor my late friend Helen Priem. As many of you know she was a very talented artist and doll maker.  She was taken from us too soon. Though we never met in person, I have many things here in my home that she made sent me.  I miss her...she was beautiful soul inside and out.

Wishing you a very good end to your summer

and as always

enjoy the day!

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paris parfait said...

Looks and sounds as though you've had a really lovely summer! And the prayer flags are a beautiful tribute to your friend. Hoping for autumn that's kind to us all...