Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer marches on...

Summer marches on.  So far it has been a lot better than the last few summers. I saw this data two days ago:   by this time in July last summer we had 19 days over 90 F.  This year we have had only nine!  

Though we have been to plenty of places, I have not been taking many photos. I have just enjoyed the sights.  There are a few though.  

My neighbor makes wonderful hanging vegetable gardens.  As I was taking a photo, I spotted a HUGE mushroom on the side of a tree!  It is bigger than a pizza!

 Still drawing every day 
and creating stuff...

Growing herbs on the deck...
and keeping my squirrel friends at bay...

How is your summer treating you?  Or maybe it is winter where you are.  Hard to believe that it is almost the end of July.  

See you in August...

taking a lazy summer

blog break!
Be well!
As always,
Enjoy the Day!!



Beth said...

Hello Helen! We have had the most amazingly cool and pleasant summer...Mother Nature trying to make up for the dreadful winter we had, maybe :-)

Hanging vegetable gardens sound so the hanging gardens of Babylon, but more practical.

Take care, and enjoy the day!



Simply Shelley said...

Our summer has been actually very tolerable, compared to summers past. The forecast next week has high temps in the 80's a couple of days. For August that's great weather.We have had good amounts of rain as well, everything is still green,versus being all brown and dried up. Enjoy your break friend. Blessings