Saturday, May 24, 2014

And then? It was spring!

All of a sudden we have gone from leafless trees to the lush overgrown look of summer!   I say this every year and must sound like the proverbial "broken record."  (Only people who know what a record is will get what I just wrote...)

We were off and running today stopping by some of our favorite places.  I just cannot go through the town of Millerton, New York, without getting out of the car and looking around.  The farmer's market had just opened and I cannot wait to try the artisan cherry and pecan round loaf of bread we bought.

For years I have lingered by the window of Hunter Bee and drooled over the marvelous window displays.   They are so incredibly artistic and will executed that they are serendipitous eye candy to me. Today I went inside and it was even better than the windows!  I met the owners (Hunter and Bee!) who have a fabulous eye for collecting and my breath was taken away at each display in the store.  Here are windows from inside the store for once!

And, yes,  I did take a photo of one of the windows.  It is an artist's atelier complete with easel and other artist's nécessités.  

The store is featured in a new and wonderful book.  The author will be conducting a book signing there soon. 

We were in other places including a traffic jam in Hyde Park, NY, caused by graduation day at The Marist College. It was kind of fun watching hundreds and graduates with caps and gowns and their families with balloons and bouquets leaving the college.

As for creativity, 
I was busy decorating small mint tins lately.  
Here are a few...

Last but not least:   Memorial Day is on  Monday but I have never really found it to be a picnic sort of day. It was a day when people went to cemeteries and placed flowers and/or flags on fallen military grave sites. It was quite different than nowadays. When I was young, we called it something different:  Decoration Day.

Here is a little patriotic wall hanging 
I made and swapped with a friend. 
 It is made from scraps and paper
maybe you might like to make one yourself!

Wishing you a safe and
happy weekend!

As always,

enjoy the day!


vivian said...

just in for a quick break and a cup of ice tea.. Its gorgeous out today! Im glad you had fun yesterday. that shop looks like a great place to find some treasures!
I need to get back outside or go to the grocery store to get stuff for tomorrow.
have a great day!

Simply Shelley said...

So glad you finally have green. I remember one morning looking out the window and green was everywhere, I thought to myself when did that happen? Like you I too was happy! I really like the little tins you created, they are like little shadow boxes, so cute. I have to ask, what is the baby bottle about in the shop? Just wondering :) Blessings friend