Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lingering snow...

It's March but still not very spring-like in Southern New England.  

We were off to Vermont this past weekend and there is plenty of lingering snow.  Do you like the catalogs from the Vermont Country Store?   We like to visit it when we are in the area. In fact, we visit both of  the store locations.  This is the store in Weston, Vermont.

We find winter and winter skies to be beautiful.  There is hardly a place in New England that doesn't have its own charm.  The skies in Vermont never disappoint in any season.  Can you see the ski trails on the mountain in the horizon?

I actually saw one lone Beltie dining with friends!

Gradually, we are seeing a little warmth and melting in CT.  We still have a long way to go. Two years ago it was in the 70's this week. As it turns out we have the fifth coldest March since recorded weather history stated in 1905.

Meanwhile  "back at the ranch" life goes on as usual. Have made a lot of art lately but haven't taken a lot of photos.  Here are some recent paper projects.

The house is made from scrap lumber wooden blocks that have been sanded, collaged and painted.  The houses appeared on the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine a few months ago with instructions.  There is a little collage and mixed piece on canvas...and some paper feathers.  All of these things are so inexpensive to make. The feathers are made from brown paper bags.  The paint is acrylic and/or watercolor.  If you want to make paper feathers, there are lots of tutorials on line. You can see that I am enjoying this color palette right now!

I did cook corned beef...a traditional New England boiled dinner as it is sometimes called.  It was quite yummy!  Did you celebrate?

Onward to spring! Officially it will be here in a few days!  To my friends who celebrate new year now, wishing you a very happy holiday.   I am very happy to turn to some spring and Easter now. How about you?

As always,

enjoy the day!

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Flutterby Patch said...

Hi Helen
I'm so envious of your snow although I'm sure you've seen enough of it by now. We have seen no snow at all this year which is very unusual and feels strange (having said that it will no doubt fall on us during April and kill all the early blooming flowers). Love your pieces of artwork. The colours are yummy and those feathers are amazing. I must look for an online tutorial. Eli x