Friday, February 21, 2014

Still here...still winter!

It's still very much winter here in southern New England.  We have so much snow and ice... and are promised more of the same for next week.  

So what's a girl to do?  Stay busy!  There is always something to do at  I cannot imagine what it would have been like in colonial times in the Northeast without heat and electricity. Life must have been so difficult.

Still drawing here.. and creating... though sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated. I have visited some of your blogs so I know that some of you have had winter weather and/or health challenges.  Hope both improve for you!

Recently I saw that Paula McGee's Wynnstann pattern is available on Etsy. I really loved when I first saw it and decided it give it a try.  (You can find Paula's patterns here.)  There are very good directions and photos and I had everything on hand that I needed.

The fairy seated on the mushroom is from a pattern by the late Barbara Graff, who made the most wonderful miniature dolls and patterns. I made this fairy at least ten years ago ans she needed some new seating!

Wynnstann can be made with or without a base made of wood.  This was my first attempt but I will make more. Paula encourages using different fabrics.  The techniques that Paula teaches are versatile! 

I did NOT make these Becassines but I acquired them in an online auction. It is a miniature world of Becassine. The figures are under 1.5 inches. The figures are called  feves (after fava beans) and were made in France. They are also called Epiphany figures and were originally beans in King cakes.   The beans (and later figures) were baked into the cake and the lucky finder received special privileges.  (Hopefully there were no broken teeth!)  Now the figures are just collectibles and these are from the 1990's.

As some of you doll collectors know, Becassine is part of the Bleuette doll culture. I have come to love Becassine as a character herself but I know the Bleuettes will want to see these soon!  

So what did I draw?  Lots of drawing but not many scanned.  Have been making little collages and other things as well but didn't photograph them.  Lighting has not been good lately! 

What are you doing these days? You might have better weather but you might be having weather that is worse! There is extreme weather all over the globe these days!  How are you passing the winter days?

Think spring

and always,

enjoy the day!


AuntLou said...

Further North in New England, we are enjoying a real New England Winter. I use the term "enjoying" in a loose way, open to interpretation. :)

Working on a colorful doodle sometimes helps me.

I, too, have been thinking of those days of laboring hard to survive in all weathers. I think I might not have survived, as modern medical marvels have factored in my life.

Simply Shelley said...

I wish I could box you up some of my East Texas sunshine and send it your way. It was so beautiful here today. I spent the day in the park with my family celebrating my sweet granddaughters 5th birthday. But as true Texas weather goes...we could have snow in the next few days..they say around here, if you don't like the weather today,just stay put because it is sure to change on the morrow :) Blessings friend...loved your post and the cute things you shared today.