Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How Nuttsy got his name...

You have probably seen this little character 
in this blog from time to time...

He is the original guy who posed for these....

I always sort of referred to them as the "nutties"
though I never really named them. 


My friend Debbie has two young granddaughters 
named Clara and Beth Nowak.
I have not met them but they sometimes see my art work.
Beth drew some inspiration ...


Beth started out saying "some animals called him Nutty" 
...then added an "S" in later to read "Nuttsy." 
And then she spun this story!


"Once upon a time there lived this little nut eating creature named Ben. Some animals called him Nuttsy.   

In Jan. he sang silly songs about songs that they sing for the new year!

In Feb. he sends silly love poems to his good friends like this...

Roses are red, violets are blue, you are my critter friends so candy for you!"


She didn't really know that I already called them something similar and I think it is amazing that she came up with almost the same name!  There can't be anything better than creating something and then someone else creating from what I created.  I feel honored and happy!  

Nuttsy wishes you a happy Valentine's Day
 with lots of candy...and so do I.

We are never too old to enjoy a Valentine! 

As always,

enjoy the day!

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Lee Prairie Designs said...

Thanks for the "Happy Valentine" wishes, Helen! Love your cute little critters and watercolor's!