Sunday, February 10, 2013

We made it...

We made it through the storm. We are one of the towns hardest hit in CT. That is 4 feet of snow in this picture taken from the front door. Our street is under the snow in that photo...somehwere.

Most streets  in our town have not been plowed. Our street was plowed at midnight. The snow is now about 10-12 feet deep in front of our house. Watching it was surrealistic.  The huge plow would move snow and then back up immediately and plow again. Tons of snow was swept to the sides and on to the sidewalk area. (We live six feet from the sidewalk so it is intimidating.)  There is no place to put the snow...there is so much of it. We have snow drifted to five feet now and gusting winds make it difficult. If you live where this kind of weather takes place, you know it is beautiful after a storm and bitter cold and windy as the cold front has moved in.  It is one below zero here this morning.

Not sure how or when people will be able to free their cars and liberate their driveways. Very scary because emergency vehicles cannot navigate the roads easily. Needless to say, it is a disaster in southern New England  and it will be some time before there is any semblance of normalcy for many.

We didn't lose power and have enough to eat and are warm and grateful.  I suspect that many towns will need extra help for snow removal.  Is it worse than the Blizzard of '78?  It is about the same.  And that is bad enough!  This too shall pass. Will keep you posted...

If possible,

enjoy the day!

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vivian said...

well, as long as you dont have to go anywhere and you have things to keep you busy .. art.. movies.. books.. and food.. it might almost be fun for a few days! I feel bad for people that need perscriptions filled or medical assistance.
but cold!! really what we got was pretty much what we usually live with in the winter, weve just had mild winters the last few years, so people have forgotten!
stay warm!!