Friday, February 08, 2013

It's on its way...

 A "mega storm" is heading towards to New England. Prediction for our corner of New England is 18-24 inches of snow with wind gusts up to 60 m.p.h. Should be interesting at best.

We are prepared and have been through big storms before.  (We both were in the blizzard of '78.  That shut down our region for a week.  Some say this might be on par...)  We have a fireplace, food, batteries, etc. and we live where snow removal is very good.

Valentine's Day is around the corner...are you ready? I mailed out some snail mail card yesterday ahead of the storm.  (I have been making a drawing a day as I hoped to do.) 

Some people actually like receiving a card in the mail rather than e-mail...and I like sending them. Just call me old-fashioned!

Will let you know how this  blizzard turns out!  If you are in the blizzard zone...or any bad weather zone...stay safe and warm!

Meanwhile happy weekend and as always,

enjoy the day!


Simply Shelley said...

Wow,that's some storm...stay warm and safe friend....gotta good book to read by the fireplace? :) I love those cute little drawings...makes me smile! Blessings

Beth said...

Helen, I see that you are once again in the path of a 'mega' storm. Stay safe and warm! I pray that you and your fellow New Englanders are spared the worst effects (loss of power!).

Thinking of you in grey, but quiet, Indiana,