Thursday, February 28, 2013

Almost March!

March is almost here!  The huge amounts of snow from the blizzard are still with us but diminishing.  Lots of time spent indoors at home ...lots of cooking and making things...and lots and lots of little drawings.

The original idea was one drawing a day but it has turned out to be much more. I have been filling up little notebooks with them!


Thoughts of Easter and spring fill my head these days as you can see from the bunny above.   A pair of Carolina wrens has been visiting the bird feeder. I hope they nest nearby so we hear their cheerful song. 

Goldfinches are showing a little yellow in their feathers after being gray/olive all winter. 

The male cardinals are turning bright red and I have heard them singing recently, too.

How is your winter going?  I know some blogger friends moved or took trips.  I know some have had huge amounts of snow, too.  Well, spring is only a month away though I am sure we will see more wintry weather in the days to come.

Until next time,

as always,

enjoy the day!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Lovely post, Helen! We have fresh snow, very pretty...but we are ready to welcome spring, soon!

Love your adorable bunny watercolor and drawings a satisfying art ...they bring pleasure to your friends, too

:) Carolyn

Simply Shelley said...

Such cute little drawings. I like them both. Lots of sunshine here,but still cool weather and high winds....blessings friend.

Beth said...

Your drawings are always so much fun to see! One year we had a pair of Carolina Wrens take up housekeeping in a wreath I hung outside...I love them :-)

Thinking spring!


vivian said...

17 days til spring!! just think of whats too follow.. fresh green grass, lots of birds, crocuses and daffadils and hyacinths, windows cracked open, fresh air... warmer sunny days!! I cant wait! but for right now... its snowing again... I hope it doesnt snow all day, I need to go to walmart to get some green glitter!
have a great day Helen!

paris parfait said...

These drawings are adorable! And I know you'll be glad to see spring arrive, after the mad snowfall you've had.