Friday, November 30, 2012

Almost the first of December!

Almost December?  How did that happen?

When we were out and about last weekend we came upon on of our favorite places.  It is easy to follow the seasons with this guy!


The room of minerals and rocks is just so much fun!  Nature creates beauty that never fails to amaze us...and there is a huge variety to explore.  Near the ceiling, there are lots of reproduction dinosaurs.   Lots of fun to see!  Unfortunately, one cannot photograph a lot of the store but they don't mind photos of the these.

As we headed home we stopped in Middletown, CT and we were delighted by this decoration at Eli's. Just delightful!

Colorful art appears along various nearby buildings...sometimes I don't even notice that there is so much art and artistry right in plain sight!

Sigh. Still thinking about last weekend and the new one is nearly here.  (And so is December!)  Time to get those holiday cards in the mail....but for now, here's one for you!

Happy weekend, and as always,

enjoy the day!

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