Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back there at last!

Remember that wonderful primitive shop that I saw a few weeks ago?  Well, we made it back and it was really worth the trip!

Located in Belchertown, MA, Swift River Crafts is on an historical green. 

How about this wonderful figure?  He is a 15th century plague doctor wearing a Venetian mask and a  figure made by the talented owner Jacqueline Dupre who actually teaches how to make these straw figures.

The witch looks so fantastic with her basket of blooms!
  And there is a little trick-or-treater sitting on the front steps.

A wonderful selection 
of lawn ornaments were on display...

The store is filled with goodies that any prim lover will love.  And I was happily surprised to see a print of a painting that hangs in our dining area.  Many artists have copied these Ammi Phillips paintings with great results and our own painting is very good copy.

And one of the best parts of all was meeting Astro, an English sheep dog sporting his summer haircut. What a good boy...I could have  "dog-napped him" he was so cute!

It was spectacular late summer day.  I cannot wait to go back and see the store decorated for Christmas and to buy a few ornaments or decorations. It was wonderful meeting the owner and I love her taste in primitive and fold art.

Fall doesn't really arrive for a few more days but it is in the air.  Did we see anything else of interest on our ride?  Yes, but I will tell you about that next time.  Until then,

enjoy the day!


Swift River Crafts said...

Helen....thanks for the great comments regarding my shop. I look forward to seeing you again.
Jacki Dupre, Proprietor

l.wilks11 said...

What an amazing shop, the sort of shop i love to browse in and that dog is just adorable......xx

Shelley said...

Oh,how I would love to explore some of your country :) I do thank you so much for sharing some of it here on your blog....much eye candy indeed! I am loving the feel of Autumn in the air here....blessings friend

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful post, Helen! I'm So tickled that you returned to that delightful shop...If we ever get out that way..this shop will be # 1on my list!

Beautiful Fall day in Des Moines, Iowa too!

Hugs, Carolyn