Friday, July 13, 2012

Who knew?

My friends and I set off to Brimfield knowing it might be a warm day. Little did we realize it would become so hot and humid!  It was over 90 F. and the sun beat down on the fields.  Under the tents it was even warmer...and the tents that have over head lighting were just too warm to stay under for very long.  There are 21 fields--- each approximately 3 to 5 acres. And there can be as many as 6,000 vendors.

The vendors above and below have some of my favorite items.  Dusty's Vintage and In with the Old Vintage have two of the best displays that I always visit.  The linens are extraordinary and I did make some purchases.

These life sized figures in their winter 
clothing caught my eye....
as I stood drenched in sweat!

The tents stretch as far as the eye can see...

Here is interesting factoid:   because I was taking photos with a camera, it was very hard to take photos as many vendors do not permit it.  (I always ask permission before I take photos and say they will appear in my blog.)  This year many vendors didn't want photos taken.

It seems that designers send out photo scouts to take photos of displays for interior designers to use in their own work. But, there are also photographers that take photos to make cards and calendars and to sell as commercial photos to others.  

In addition, there are those who take up time and space taking photos because they want to cheaply reproduce an item as an antique or send photos overseas to appear in books or magazine.   If you are an owner, it is annoying...kind of like people who think everything on the internet is up for grabs. Who knew?

So I didn't take a lot of photos. The great irony is that those with smart phones were taking photos every where.  That would be hard to control. I was technologically behind the times using a digital camera!

In addition to serious heat, the humidity, the massive crowds roaming around in a sun burned and sun dazed state, there was way too much skin showing everywhere.  Yes  it was hot...but some people just should not wear so little in public. YIKES!

We are in for an extended heat wave in New England. Temps will be in the 90's and stay there indefinitely.  There were watering ban signs all around Brimfield and it was very dry and dusty.

Hope the summer is treating you well...

as always

enjoy the day!


Helen Priem said...

On a normal summer day this sounds heaven to me ! But. . . oh dear Helen you've described it so, I felt the heat !!!
The large figures are marvellous, brings me ideas ....

Shelley said...

I know too well of nakedness in hot here in East Texas where our summers are so hot every year...the clothes start coming off very early. Some folks do not know the meaning of modesty. Its really a shame....if fig leaves would have been acceptable..the Lord wouldn't have sewn clothing for Adam and Eve..before sending them out of the garden :)
That show sounds massive...I don't live far from Canton,(about 50 miles)..where there is a huge flea market every first Monday weekend...have you heard of it? Blessings dear friend