Thursday, July 19, 2012

Staying busy In the summer time...

First we had this...

 which turned into this...

The violent storm delivered rain and a lot of wind to to Connecticut yesterday. We lacked rain here for many weeks so it was a "good thing" ...though it looked like a wall of water.

Since it has been incessantly hot, staying indoors has been pretty much obligatory.  There is always plenty to do so it is not unpleasant.  (I am most grateful for air conditioning and worry about those who don't have it.)

My friend and I are making little chests...out of match boxes.  We have  made other things from match boxes in the past...ornaments and boxes with little illustrations in them.  This is a little more complicated.

We were inspired by a chest 
we saw here at Alpha Stamps

I have since added little seashells
 to the drawers and some charms.

There is stack of books I want to read and dolls to make and so many other things to do.  (Still going to the gym five days a week, too.) So summer is passing by despite our many heatwaves and dry conditions. The rain was very welcome.  We are "stay-cationing" and going on occasional day trips when we can.

How is your summer going?   Are you staying busy?  Traveling?  They say "Christmas is for kids" but I think summers are, too.  They are not as much fun as they once were...and they sure are hotter!

Hope the summer is treating you well!

As always,

enjoy the day!


Shelley said...

What a nice little matchbox chest you created. I have seen these in the past,but never as pretty as yours. Seems like our temps are about the same in East Texas...I am staying indoors most of the time myself and yes,I am thankful for my little hand me down window unit I have to keep cool by.Every summer I think,this will be its last,but it just keeps working for me year after year :) I too feel for those without air conditioning. I have been in that situation...its not good....glad you got some rain...its always welcomed here. Blessings friend

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hi Helen!!!
Heard about your heat wave, it must be really hard!!??
In Sweden we are having a really cold summer....rain every day...
Love your little chest, beautiful papers!
Have you seen "the match box people" on pinterest, that is an idea I would like to try!?
I'm having a friend from Colorado springs visiting me for a week, we will travel to Paris and southern France together,
so I'm busy:)
Love/ Becky

The Imperfectionist said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the matchbook chest! Adorable! You inspire me!

Dawn said...

Hi Helen,

Your chest is great. I made them in sixth grade, but they looked nothing like this!

We had record breaking highs all through June. 113 degrees one day! July has been more of the same. We did finally get a little relief from the drought, but with this heat it just burns off soon.

I am so grateful for air conditioning. Staying indoors mostly except when I go out in the evening to pick veggies and water. I'm getting some sewing done for the dolls and lots of web surfing. That and playing with the grands has been my summer.

It's just too hot to want to travel.

Beth said...

Oh Helen, I am in love with your matchbox chest of drawers! Such a perfect doll size treasure :-)

Stay-cationing; I like this! Between bike-riding our urban trails, and dollmaking, I can be quite happy at home. We are trying to beat the heat as well here in Indiana, and we finally had some rain last week...the first since May 30th.

Stay cool!